19 May 2012

Luke 9:37-50

"Whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me" (v. 48)


There have been moments in my life when I have doubted most things, not least who I was and what I could offer. I have observed that these are usually times when I have not understood or not known what was expected of me. Often all I have needed to do is to ask a question, but instead I have kept going hoping that at some point all would become clear.

After the mountain top experience when the disciples witnessed Jesus' transfiguration, they are confused and seem to be completely lacking in any understanding of what the future held for Christ. Perhaps they miss the big picture and can't yet see themselves without Jesus being with them. They try their best to cover up their lack of knowledge but they just seem to get more and more anxious, and less and less certain of who they are and what they can do. Bewildered by what was expected of them and feeling increasingly lacking in confidence about what they knew, they make suggestions that cause Jesus to get a little exasperated! Time needs to pass; tragedy and loss had to be lived through before all could become clearer.

To Ponder

On this Saturday, at the end of another week, pause and reflect over the past week. You might like to think about moments when you may have conveyed your frustration at people's impulses or responses to you.

Do you feel you can now empathise better with how they were behaving? What can you learn about yourself as a result of this reflection?

Or you may like to think about a situation that you didn't fully comprehend this week. Did you sweep it under the carpet and hope it would not come back again? Did you become more and more anxious as your lack of knowledge seemed to become more obvious? How might you have approached it differently?

Or did you ask a question that helped you to understand? How did that feel particularly if you were surrounded by your peers at the time and how do you feel now? How would you behave if this arose again and how will you remember what you can do should this arise in the future?