12 December 2015

Malachi 3:13 - 4:5

"See, the day is coming" (v. 1)

Psalm: Psalm 146


One of the great Christmas traditions is the panto - you cheer the hero and boo the villain. And it all ends happily ever after, or does it? The boy gets the girl (or more often the girl gets the boy), but what happens to the villain is sometimes unsure. More often than not, justice is meted out to them in one way or another.

In today's passage there is an example of justice being dispensed with the arrogant and evildoers being burnt up. But how does that sit with us?

One of the features of Methodism is its belief that no one is beyond the reach of God's love. How is that seen in this passage?

Methodists hold that salvation is there for everyone who turns to God. Perhaps that is the answer. God's love is there for anyone and everyone, but it does require a response (a turning to God). And that response, whatever it is, has consequences.

For Malachi, those who turn away from God will be burnt like stubble (verse 1), "but for you who revere my [God's] name, the sun of righteousness shall rise, with healing in its wings" (verse 2)!


  • How comfortable are you with the judging nature of God?
  • What are the consequences of your faith?
  • How do you live out those consequences in your daily life and discipleship?

Bible notes author

Ken Kingston

Ken Kingston preaches in the High Wycombe Circuit. He has worked for the Connexional Team since 1992 in a variety of roles and has been involved in 'Called by Name' and 'Time to Talk of God' amongst others.