Seasons of My Soul


Conversations in the second half of life

Published in partnership with the Church of England

Seasons of My Soul is a creative resource for those of us who are in the second half of our life. It will support and affirm us on our ongoing spiritual journey by providing the opportunity to explore and share with others key aspects of our lives and experiences. It enables us to do this in the context of our Christian faith.    

The resource focuses on eight themes for discussion; identity, memories, transition times, wisdom, roles and relationships, forgiveness and reconciliation, death and dying, and the celebration of life. They are opened up for conversation and exploration using interactive discussion tools, Bible texts, creative activities, social action topics, prayer and worship. Each theme is a standalone session so you can choose whichever theme you like, mix and match the order or follow them as they are presented.

Here are some sample pages (Pdf)

There is plenty of material which can be used individually and for further reflection, as well as flexibly in different group or ministry contexts.

The material can be used in a variety of ways and settings. Here are some suggestions:

  • Discussion groups
  • Bible study groups
  • Home, house or fellowship groups
  • Inter-generational working
  • Lent and Advent courses
  • Prayer or quiet days and retreats
  • Team building sessions and away days
  • Training days
  • Creative workshops or breakout groups at conferences
  • Social action reflection for campaigning and outreach
  • For use in liturgies, prayer, worship and services
  • For individual spiritual development


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