Key areas of work in the Southern & Islands region

This is not an exhaustive list so please  contact a member of the regional team if you have a piece of work or project you would like to develop.

  • coordinating training, development and support for circuit stewards and leadership teams
  • developing small group resources and opportunities, including the 'Meet, Pray, Love' project, to encourage confidence in discipleship
  • supporting Island circuits 
  • developing and signposting resources and support for rural churches
  • coordinating regional, Continuing Development in Ministry events
  • developing a vocational discernment programme, including support for a 'vocation day' event 
  • developing a regional communications strategy 
  • supporting regrouping for mission projects 
  • offering resources for group facilitation 
  • managing the ONE Programme ('Take a year on' scheme), with two One Programme Participants in the Southern and Islands Region this year
  • coordinating 3Generate (Children & Youth Assembly)
  • coordinating Connecting Disciples (lay employees conference)
  • supporting local events for lay employees
  • developing the regional forum and ways of engaging with a wide range of voices in identifying interests, opportunities and priorities
  • piloting and raising awareness of new pathways for worship leaders and local preachers
  • piloting and raising awareness of new pathways for pioneers 
  • developing resources to support candidates
  • exploring practice-based formation for ministers
  • participating in ministerial training at the Queen's Foundation 
  • coordinating the Superintendents' Conference
  • developing further Chaplaincy Everywhere resources
  • developing conflict mediation resources

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