Hamish Leese

Hamish joined the Connexional Team soon after completing his PhD in 2011, having spent nearly 9 years at the University of Durham. Originally gaining a BSc in Natural Sciences, he then changed direction and gained an MA International Relations (Europe) and a PhD from Durham's School of Government and International Affairs. During his time in Durham Hamish taught Political Philosophy to undergraduates and Politics at a sixth form summer school.

Although brought up in the Church of England, Hamish has a long history with the Methodist Church, having taken part in MAYC weekends and local Methodist events. He is currently part of his local Church Council and is passionate about engaging with the community, mission and evangelism.

In the time he has worked for the Methodist Church Hamish has undertaken work on a variety of subjects including: Access to leadership for those in underrepresented groups (as part of the Belonging Together project); discipleship; growth and evangelism. Although he normally leads on qualitative research Hamish is also involved in some statistical and mapping projects.

Hamish is currently involved in various research projects.

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