Forms and documents for 3Generate 2018


  • 3Generate 2018 Booking Guide (with screen prints for how to use the CHQ code to pay by cheque)
  • Cheque Form (Word) (PDF) - to send with your cheque within 30 days to validate your tickets


Information and items for Leaders of Groups

Please see our pages For Workers and Group Leaders, How to book, About 3Generate and 3Generate 2018 (includes accommodation information) for more details about the event.

Further details will be added over the coming weeks and months, including:

  • Group Leader Information Book
  • videos showing how to login and make changes to your group's details on the iKnow Church event management system, showing Pontins Southport and highlighting some changes for 2018 can be found on 3GenTV
  • DBS Guidance for leaders of groups from the Safeguarding Team - updated for 2018
  • Travel expenses claim form (Word document) for Leader Information Days (reimbursement of transport tickets or mileage, etc).


Pre-event information - 2018 forms and documents coming soon...

  • Information sheet for Parents/Carers - a sheet with space for leader mobile numbers and a few other details that leaders of groups may like to share with parents/carers
  • Participant details form - this form must be brought to the event by the leaders of the group so they can refer to it if necessary (for parents/carers to complete and pass to leaders of groups to ensure the leaders have emergency contact details and other key information for looking after under-18s and those with additional needs)
  • Parent/Carer Consent Form - updated version coming soon - this form must be brought to the event by the leaders of the group so they can refer to it if necessary (all parents/carers must complete a consent form to give permission for the leaders of their group to take under-18s and those 18 and over with additional needs to 3Generate)
  • 3Generate Safeguarding Policy 2018
  • Safeguarding Declaration for over-18 delegates - attendees who are aged 18 or over should complete this form and upload it to their account on iKnow Church
  • EDI Monitoring Form for Attendees - this is anonymous and is created for completion by individuals (with parents/carers where appropriate) - leaders of groups will be able to put the completed forms into a box in the reception area at Pontins
  • Expectations and social media guidelines for 3Generate 2018 - we recommend that leaders of groups and parents/carers read this and ensure their children and young people are aware of these guidelines
  • Site Map of Pontins Southport for 2018 - this is useful for anyone who wants to get a feel for the site layout before the event
  • 2018 Kit List - what to pack and what to leave behind
  • 2018 Schools Letter - template letter (Word document) to use to make a request for an attendee to leave school early on Friday 23 November when they have a long journey

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