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The next deadline for all Connexional grant applications is midday on 2 March 2018. 

Future dates:

  Application Closing date      CGC Meeting Date             
Spring             2 March 2018 17 May 2018
Autumn   5 October 2018 28 November 2018




Do you have an exciting and innovative project in mind that will help to develop the mission of God in Britain. Are you in need of funding? Then look no further. The Methodist Church may be able to help you. Through the engagement of the Methodist Church over the years many lives have been changed and communities developed. Through Mission and Ministry grants we are looking to support projects that have potential, beyond grant funding, to support personnel in local situations to think about ways of making new disciples, of talking about faith and of reaching out to others in fresh ways of service and worship. Such grants would be innovative, breaking new ground, that would be of benefit to the wider connexion. The experience of, and learning from such projects will encourage and enable others to reflect on what might be possible in their situation. Recent examples include:

Working across two districts in Darlington and Newcastle - funding was given to support the growth of ministry amongst Chinese congregations in three towns. The impact of the project will be seen in the number of new Chinese Christians and new congregations being developed from students and families now living here. Also links with existing Methodist congregations will be strengthened.

Working through story - Applecart is a storytelling company based in the East End of London that believes Gospel stories are potent and have the ability to challenge prejudice and injustice and bring people together.  The company tells Gospel stories in a refreshing and intelligent way, challenging you to 'change your thinking'. They have travelled throughout Britain.

You can see other projects that have been funded on this page - What have we funded?

The Connexional Grants Committee supports projects and programmes that have a Connexion-wide impact. Applications are welcome from Methodist and non-Methodist organisations, but must support the stated Priorities of the Methodist Church and of the document Our Calling as well as the reflections on One Mission, clearly showing the work of God and the mission of the church at work in the world today.

Our funding streams

Please use the large buttons below for more information about the types of grant that are available, application forms, and eligibility criteria.

Please complete the application form for the type of grant for which you are applying, and submit it by email, with a signed hard copy by post to the Grants Team (address below). With the exception of grants for property projects, which are submitted via the property consent website, all applications must be submitted both as electronic files and paper copies. We encourage you to submit an electronic copy first to speed up the assessment process, but in doing this you are asserting that you have a signed paper copy in your possession.

Get in touch

Remember that everyone in the Church wants your project to succeed. We advise you to contact your District Grants Officer prior to submitting your application. Further information on any aspects of the application process and forms can be obtained via our FAQ page or from the Connexional Grants Team. If we can't answer your question we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

The Connexional Grants Team
Methodist Church House
25 Marylebone Road

0207 467 5178


When providing details of your project there are three areas to be considered:

  • The IMPACT
  • The PROCESS and

Evidence needs to be provided of how the project has been developed in each of these areas. This should substantiate why you think your project meets your chosen criteria.

Top Tips 


  • Ensure you have talked with your District Grants Officer.
  • Provide as much information about your situation and project as possible in the application form and appendices (these give you an opportunity to provide background and detailed information, please refer to supporting documents in your answers). Remember that the committee only have the information which is supplied to form an assessment. 
  • Don't ignore the questions you feel are not relevant or can't answer. Please ring the Grants Office to find out more before completing the form.
  • Ask someone who has not been involved in the process to look over your completed application. They are more likely to see where there may be gaps in the information required and spot any misunderstandings of questions.
  • Ensure that the contact person is someone who will be readily available and quick to respond to any further information requested by the committee.

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