About Venture FX

We believe that the good news of God's love in Jesus is for all people, not just for those who are already part of the Church.  However, the culture in which we live is changing so rapidly that sometimes it can feel as though there is an increasing gap between existing forms of church and the majority of people in the UK today, particularly those under 40, who don't have any church connection.  But the reality is that many of them are spiritually open and are willing to explore a Christianity that engages seriously with their context.

VentureFX is part of the way the Methodist Church is trying to respond to this.  Rather than beginning with church, VentureFX pioneers begin with communities of people.  As they explore what it means to be disciples of Jesus there, new and relevant form of Christian community are beginning to emerge.  They are based on pursuing a radical and authentic lifestyle based on the teaching of Jesus, but they are marked by a re-imagination of what church might need to look like for them.

There are 13 VentureFX locations around the UK where pioneer mission leaders are working with others to explore Christian discipleship and form new Christian communities where faith can be explored and lived out. 

The VentureFX pioneers form a network that has a Rhythm of Life at its heart.

There are VentureFX pioneers based in circuits in Edinburgh, Inverness, Colwyn Bay, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Dartford, South London, and Exeter, and in the Sheffield, Chester and Stoke-on-Trent, Plymouth and Exeter, and Cornwall districts. Pioneers are from a variety of backgrounds, lay and ordained, women and men.

It was originally hoped that there would be 20 VentureFX locations but, in the light of the cost of funding them, it has been decided to keep the number as it is.  However it is hoped that the scheme will be able to share with others what is being learned, and support others around the Methodist Church who are doing, or who would like to do, similar pioneer mission.

Ian BellThe scheme is co-ordinated by Rev Ian Bell who can be contacted at:

Methodist Church House
25 Marylebone Road
London NW1 5JR
Email: belli@methodistchurch.org.uk
Tel: 0207 467 5193

Ian says:

'Sharing the good news of Jesus in ways that make sense to all involved is an important part of the calling of the Methodist Church, and VentureFX is a great investment by the church in mission for today's world.  However, all of us need to find pioneering ways to share our faith with those who aren't currently part of church life.  I hope that VentureFX will inspire many others in circuits and districts all over the country to do something similar'.

The scheme was independently reviewed in the autumn of 2011 and the report ofthat review can be read here:

VentureFX review, January 2012



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