16-22 September 2007

Relenting and Repenting

  • READ MORE Sunday  16 September 2007
    Luke 15: 1-10

    "Which one of you, having a hundred sheep and losing one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost until he finds it? When he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders and rejoices. And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbours, saying to them, 'Rejoice with me for I have found my sheep that was lost'. Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who need no repentance". (v.3-7)

  • READ MORE Monday  17 September 2007
    Amos 7: 1-6

    "This is what the Lord God showed me: he was forming locusts at the time the latter growth began to sprout (it was the latter growth after the king's mowings). When they had finished eating the grass of the land, I said, 'O Lord God, forgive, I beg you! How can Jacob stand? He is so small!' The Lord relented concerning this; 'It shall not be,' said the Lord". (v.1-3)

  • READ MORE Tuesday  18 September 2007
    Jonah 3:1-10

    "The word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time, saying, 'Get up, go to Nineveh, that great city, and proclaim it to the message that I tell you'. So Jonah set out and went to Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord. Now Nineveh was an exceedingly large city, a three days' walk across. Jonah began to go into the city, going for a day's walk. And he cried out, 'Forty days more, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!'" (v.1-4)

  • READ MORE Wednesday  19 September 2007
    Luke 22: 54-62

    "Then they seized him and led him away, bringing him into the high priest's house. But Peter was following at a distance. When they had kindled a fire in the middle of the courtyard and sat down together, Peter sat among them. Then a servant-girl, seeing him in the firelight, stared at him and said, 'This man was also with him'. But he denied it, saying, 'Woman, I do not know him'". (v.54-56)

  • READ MORE Thursday  20 September 2007
    Job 40: 1-14

    "And the Lord said to Job: 'Shall a fault-finder contend with the Almighty? Anyone who argues with God must respond'. Then Job answered the Lord: 'See, I am of small account; what shall I answer you...?' Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind: 'Gird up your loins like a man; I will question you, and you declare to me. Will you even put me in the wrong? Will you condemn me that you may be justified? Have you an arm like God, and can you thunder with a voice like his?'" (v.1-9)

  • READ MORE Friday  21 September 2007
    Matthew 9: 9-13

    "As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth; and he said to him, 'Follow me'. And he got up and followed him... When the Pharisees saw this, they said to his disciples, 'Why does your teacher eat with tax-collectors and sinners? But when he heard this, he said, 'Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. Go and learn what this means, "I desire mercy, not sacrifice". For I have come to call not the righteous, but sinners'". (v.10-13)

  • READ MORE Saturday  22 September 2007
    Hosea 11: 1-12

    "When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son. The more I called them, the more they went from me... Yet it was I who taught Ephraim to walk, I took them up in my arms; but they did not know that I healed them. I lead them with cords of human kindness, with bands of love. I was to them like those who lift infants to their cheeks. I bent down to them and fed them".

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