12-18 September 2010

Life in the Church

  • READ MORE Sunday  12 September 2010
    Luke 15:1-10

    "Which one of you, having a hundred sheep and losing one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost until he finds it?" (v.4)

  • READ MORE Monday  13 September 2010
    1 Corinthians 11:17-33

    "Now in the following instructions I do not commend you, because when you come together it is not for the better but for the worse. For, when you come together as a church, I hear that there are divisions among you; and to some extent I believe it." (v.17-18)

  • READ MORE Tuesday  14 September 2010
    Philippians 2:5-11

    "Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not regard equality with God as something to be exploited, but emptied himself, taking the form of a slave." (v.5-7)

  • READ MORE Wednesday  15 September 2010
    1 Corinthians 12:31b-13:13

    "Love never ends. But as for prophecies, they will come to an end; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will come to an end. For we know only in part, and we prophesy only in part." (13:8-9)

  • READ MORE Thursday  16 September 2010
    1 Corinthians 15:1-11

    "For I handed on to you as of first importance what I in turn had received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures." (v.3-4)

  • READ MORE Friday  17 September 2010
    1 Corinthians 15:12-20

    "Now if Christ is proclaimed as raised from the dead, how can some of you say there is no resurrection of the dead?" (v.12)

  • READ MORE Saturday  18 September 2010
    1 Corinthians 15:35-49

    "So it is with the resurrection of the dead. What is sown is perishable, what is raised is imperishable. It is sown in dishonour, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown a physical body, it is raised a spiritual body." (v.42-44)

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