26 March 2010

"Believe the works, so that you may know and understand that the Father is in me and I am in the Father." (v.38)


This passage is set in the Temple area during the Feast of Dedication in Jerusalem. Certain Jews were preparing to carry out a law which would allow them to stone Jesus for blasphemy (Leviticus 24:16). Jesus reminds them of the many good deeds he has performed, but the preconceptions and unbelief of his accusers just adds fuel to their fire to stone him.

While Jesus upholds the authority of the Scriptures from the Old Testament, he also explains that he is his father's son - God's son - and the proof is in the miracles he has performed. That's one of the reasons why he performed them - so that people would believe that God sent him (verses 36-38).

Today, with the benefit of hindsight, it's all too easy to blame the Jews, the teachers of the law, for doubting Jesus. Many in that position would see Jesus as a bad or deluded person. But it could be for these reasons that Jesus had to die on the Cross and be raised from the dead... as a last testimony to the unbelievers.

To Ponder

Read the lyrics of the song 'When You Believe' from the soundtrack of the Prince of Egypt. (You can watch the video here on You Tube.) What do the words say to you?

Think of a time when your view of something has changed with the benefit of hindsight. How has this affected your faith?

Bible notes author: Sanya Strachan

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