21 May 2012

"When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem." (v. 51)


This passage is a beginning of a long section (Luke 9:51 - 14:28) about Jesus' journey to Jerusalem. It is commonly called the 'Travel Narrative' of Luke.

It is obvious that Jesus' ministry is far from over and there is much that he has yet to teach his disciples. The journey was scheduled to go through Samaria for a short cut and Jesus sent his disciples ahead to investigate the way. As Jews and Samaritans had not much dealings, violence and murder was not unusual to occur. However, the Samaritans declined to receive Jesus because his face was turned in the direction of Jerusalem. The hot-blooded brothers, James and John wished to retaliate, but Jesus held them back and the company passed on to another village. Luke's Gospel points out the contrasting attitudes of Jesus and his disciples toward the refusal of the Samaritans to receive them.

To Ponder

As the cross awaits Jesus in Jerusalem, how far are you prepared to follow him? All the way?

What are the problems that Jesus' followers face today? And what grace do we need to complete the journey with him?


Bible notes author: Tevita and Meleane Siuhengalu

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