12 May 2012

"We have no more than five loaves and two fish." (v. 13)


There's a knock at the door or a ring on the bell or a phone call - "We're just round the corner and thought we'd drop in and see you!"

Immediately we wonder if we have enough milk in the fridge or where we put that special tin of biscuits. And then, what if they are expecting more than just a cuppa!?

Magnify the realisation that you might be facing a challenge by the fact that you meant to get more milk but decided you had enough for breakfast and would buy some tomorrow. And then multiply the tension by several thousand expectant guests and you might just begin to recognise with gripping anxiety of the disciples in our reading for today.

No food. No handy supermarket. A vast crowd of tired, thirsty and hungry people and Jesus who simply tells them to feed them all and get on with it!

Debates have raged through the centuries about the amount of food, the number of people and where the food that was consumed came from. Did the sight of generosity on the part of one person shame all of the others to bring out their concealed supplies and share them? We don't really know.

What we do know is that Luke's Gospel tells us that Jesus took some small provisions and fed thousands!

How often in life is it the small things that delight us? How often is it the sudden idea or the individual committed to following their dream that changes and challenges our society and improves things along the way?

How often does a small spark light a flame of difference and the rest, they say, is history?

Little things can mean a lot - and make a huge difference.

To Ponder

  • Today look out for something or someone who gladdens your heart.
  • Consider what small thing someone has done or said to you that has made a difference to your life. What could you do or say that would make a positive difference for someone else?
  • Did you ever thank the person who made the difference for you? It's never too late to do so.

Bible notes author: The Revd Una McLean

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