Back to Church Sunday Feedback

Back to Church Sunday 2010



Need any encouragement to join in Back to Church Sunday this year?  These comments from Methodist participants might just persuade you. 

"In 2008, a young woman of 22, step granddaughter of a church member came to B2CS for the evening service. She told me (the minister) later on that she couldn't really sit through a church service, but would really like to do some youth work. A year later, we have a Friday night youth group, co-led between her and I, and other congregation members, with a core group of 8. It just takes one new one - a whole load of difference can be made."  
Revd Fran Rhys, Crossgates Methodist Church, Leeds

"A lapsed attender had just needed a reason to come back. A widow whose husband's funeral took place at the church and a family who had their baby baptised here, came back in response to the invitation."
Revd Christine Hey, Uttoxeter Methodist Church

"One family really appreciated the reminder to come back to church. They have been coming back since Back to Church Sunday. I think, for some people, the invite is the last kick to get them to go again."
Revd Marschner, St Andrews Methodist Church, Pudsey

"We combined Back to Church with our Harvest and Parade service on 11 October and so the church had about 200 adults and young people in. There was a vibrancy and excitement about the service. One lady said that she had got married in our church 10 years earlier and the invitation was just the push that she had needed to come back to church and she would come again and bring her children."
Revd Alan Crump, St James Methodist Church, Liverpool

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