From coffee morning to Sunday morning

From coffee morning to Sunday morning is a five-session course designed to help churches move relationships forward from social encounter to a spiritual engagement. It is specifically aimed at preparing churches for Back to Church Sunday.

This course is authored by Charles Freebury and is offered free to churches.


Course Handbook  (pdf)

Powerpoint of entire course (26.5 MB ppt file) LARGE FILE SIZE

For ease of use this is split into separate sessions below

Introduction (10.6 MB ppt file)
Session 1 (8.3 MB ppt file)
Session 2 (3.8 MB ppt file)
Session 3 (4.0 MB ppt file)
Session 4 (6.1 MB ppt file)
Session 5 (2.0 MB ppt file)
Seven marks of healthy churches (may be used in conjunction with Session 2) (2.7 MB ppt file)

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