1  July  2016

Send forth your wisdom, O Lord, to live in our hearts, to work in our lives and to speak in our consciences; that all our thoughts, words and actions may conform to your will and reveal your glory; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Aelred of Rievaulx (1109-1167)


Playful God,
you invite us to come and see,
to take off our shoes and marvel,
caught up in wonder and awe.
Risk-taking Jesus,
you call us to question and explore,
to put on our shoes and follow you
into uncomfortable places.
Creative Spirit,
you fill us with love and fruitfulness
so that we may walk in your shoes with humility
and learn how to love differently.
Playful, risk-taking and creative one,
help us to delight in your mystery,
and respond with expectation
as we place ourselves and each other
in the wounded hands of Jesus,
that the world might become whole. Amen.

Jill Barber, Vice-President, British Methodist Conference, 2015/2016

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