1  August  2017

Keep us safe in your arms, O Lord, that we may have nothing to fear. Let us rely on you in all things that nothing may impede our salvation. Let us love and serve you always, that at your bidding we may enter the presence of your glory; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

John Henry Newman (1801-1890)


Loving God, remind us to pause
when our freedoms come in the form of another's chains:
our freedom to shop when we choose
    means another cannot spend time with family;
our freedom to buy inexpensive clothes
    means another cannot earn enough to eat;
our freedom to use cheap fuel
    means another suffers the consequences of climate change.

Freedom is indivisible.
Unless all are free, we all are diminished,
because you created each one of us in your image.

Liberating God,
we know that sharing your freedoms may come at a cost.
Help us to bear that cost joyfully,
in the knowledge that we are doing your will. Amen.

Rachel Lampard,
Vice-President, British Methodist Conference, 2016/2017

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