12  July  2016

O Lord, you are the beginning of all our goodness, the wellspring of all our loving and the source of all our freedom. Let your grace continually work within us, that your will may be done through us, and that we may always rejoice in your presence; now and for ever. Amen.

Mary Ward (1585-1645)


Loving God,
we know that on our journey through this earthly life
we will experience moments
of both consolation and desolation.
Grant us the wisdom to see these moments
as opportunities to draw closer to you.
Give us eyes to see you in all things and in all people,
so that while we are pilgrims on our journey,
earth becomes our heaven,
not only created by you,
but with your constant presence
as our guide and source of strength.
Open our eyes to the transforming reality
of your unconditional love for each one of us
and our responsibility to love one another in return. Amen.

Andrew Gordon-Brown, Headmaster, Truro School

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