18  July  2016

Lord Jesus Christ, whether in the quietness of our resting place or in the busy storms of the day, amidst all the cares and joys of life, may we never feel forsaken or alone. Of your grace draw us entirely to yourself, now and forever. Amen.

Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)


Loving God,
strolling in the garden with the Man and the Woman in the cool of the day;
receiving from the nomad couple, Abram and Sarai, food and drink for the journey;
trekking in the wilderness for 40 years, guiding the children of Israel;
walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus and offering comfort in Christ
   to two grieving and bewildered disciples;
travel alongside us in the days and weeks ahead that,
wherever the journey may lead - garden, wilderness, encampment, city or village,
whatever the future may hold - regret, promise, welcome, heartbreak, hope,
we may always know your loving presence as a companion with us on the way. Amen.

Sheryl Anderson, Liverpool District Chair

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