19  July  2016

Come, O Christ the Light, and illumine our darkness. Come, O Christ the Life, and raise us from death. Come, O Christ the Physician, and heal our wounds. Come, O Fire of Love, consume our sins and kindle within us the flame of your love. Amen.

Dimitri of Rostov (1651-1709)


God of all times and each moment,
as we start each day,
whether we are ready and eager,
or anxious and unsure of what the day will bring,
wake us to your call.
In our work,
in the tasks of the home and the routine of business,
whether we are stimulated and fulfilled,
or exhausted and bored,
strengthen us for your labour.
At each day's end, in recreation and rest,
whether we are full of the day's good things,
or are weary, foot-sore or lonely,
bring us to rest in your grace.
And at all times and in each moment,
recall us to the knowledge of your sustaining love
made known in Jesus,
in whose name we pray. Amen.

Andrew Lunn, Manchester and Stockport District Chair

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