2  August  2017

Lord, forgive our sins both past and present; forgive the wrong-doing we have sought to conceal from others and attempted to hide from ourselves; forgive our trespasses against your goodness and love; and heal us with your pardon, through the merits of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

John Donne (1572-1631)


God of love, we are called to acts of practical
love and service, locally, nationally and globally,
we are called to give a voice to the voiceless
and to speak out against injustice.
We are called today to remember homeless people,
migrants and refugees,
to weep with compassion as many have done today,
to ask what we can do and then to do it.
Help us to show your love
and hope to all we meet this day. Amen.

Nigel Cowgill, London District Chair

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