21  July  2016

O most gracious and sovereign Redeemer, come and dwell within us and reign where you have the right to reign. By your Holy Spirit take possession of our souls and lead us in the ways of righteousness and peace; through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

John of Kronstadt (1829-1908)


We pray for everyone we travel with today:
   those with whom we share physical journeys;
   those we meet for business;
   those with whom we find unexpected joy;
   those we would rather not encounter;
   those with whom we laugh and those with whom we cry;
   those we serve and those who serve us.
As we travel through this day,
   may we share the load of others,
   may our concerns be lessened,
   may we be the best of companions,
   may the light of Christ shine through us to all we meet.
In his name we pray. Amen.

Paul Davis, Lancashire District Chair

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