24  August  2017

O Love divine, to you we cry in the day and in the night, for you alone can speak to our condition. You alone can search the mind and purify the heart. You alone are infinite in love and you alone can flow over our darkness with the ocean of eternal light. O love divine, to you we cry in the day and in the night. Amen. 

George Fox (1624-1691)


Lord, we thank you for the freedoms that are ours.
We remember those who are trapped
by the decisions and actions of others,
as well as by themselves.
We pray for those in dark places and ask that they
may begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel,
know hope restored and freedom gained.
We ask that you grant to all the freedom
that comes from knowing Christ's transforming love
in our lives. Amen.

Graham Thompson, Plymouth and Exeter District Chair

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