26  August  2016

O eternal and glorious Trinity, deeper than the deepest sea, and the abyss of love for whom we thirst and long; let us for ever desire your light, for ever seek your face and for ever wrap ourselves in the robe of your majesty and Godhead; world without end. Amen.

Catherine of Siena (1347-1380)


God of our journeys, you have promised always to be with us as our loving creator,
in step with us through your Spirit, and to show us a living way in Jesus.
When our path is difficult, may we know the comfort of travelling with others,
when it is a good path, may we share our joy with friend and stranger.
You help us imagine a route, you offer a destination,
which is not so much a place,
as the knowledge that we are living in your will.
Help us to be pilgrims together
and to understand how to travel light and be a blessing to each other. Amen.

Andrew Wood, Southampton District Chair

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