3  July  2016

Give us grace, O Lord, not only to be hearers of the word, but doers also; not only to be lovers of your gospel, but also those whose lives are transformed by it; not only to be those who profess our faith, but also those whose lives proclaim it, day by day; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thomas Brecon (1513-1567)

Loving God,
words cannot adequately express our gratitude to you.
In times of deepest need,
you provide us with companions to support us.
When the future is uncertain
and we don't know where to turn,
when fear threatens to overwhelm us
and the ability to laugh is a distant memory,
you send your angels to minister to us.
Help us to recognise the face of Jesus
in those who reach out to us
and grant us grace, that we might be
signs of your presence to those we encounter.
In the name of Christ who became one with us,
that we might be one with you. Amen.

John Hellyer, South East District Chair

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