5  August  2016

Into your hands, O God, we commend our souls and our bodies, our families and our friends, all our neighbours and all who have blessed us with their goodness, those who have confessed their faith in Christ and those who stand in need of your protection. Enfold us in your love and grant us never to be parted from you in time or in eternity; for your own mercies' sake. Amen.

Edmund of Abingdon (1180-1240)


Gracious God, you call us on a journey
to grow in grace and holiness.
As we travel on that journey
give us an assurance of your loving presence,
that, filled with your Spirit,
we may work with you, and our fellow pilgrims,
in the transformation
of our churches and our communities,
so that they become signs
of your kingdom of justice and joy. Amen.

Ian Howarth, Birmingham District Chair

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