6  July  2016

Draw us, O Christ, by grace irresistible, to the centre of all faith and to the heart of all sacrifice; to the deepest of all wells and to a work that is not our own; even your holy Cross, to which we cling and by which we are held; for your own name's sake. Amen.

Dora Greenwell (1821-1882)


Guide us in the right way.
This day is our pilgrimage.
When we are daunted by the day's tasks,
   give us strength.
When we are wearied by the same path,
   help us to see you in all things.
When forgiving is an uphill struggle,
   grant us your help.
When we are overwhelmed by obstacles,
   lift us up.
When the load we carry is heavy,
   come to us and give us rest.
When we are fearful of unexpected twists and turns,
   assure us of your presence.
When we are worried about which path to take,
   guide us in the right way.
And at the end of the journey, at the end of this day
may our hearts burn with the knowledge
that we have walked with you,
and you have walked with us. Amen.

Paul Martin, Bolton and Rochdale District Chair

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