7  August  2017

Be to us, O Lord Jesus Christ, the table set for all, the light radiating from your saints, the sun shining in our midst, and the joy prepared for your people; now and for ever. Amen.

Symeon the New Theologian (949-1022)


We give thanks for all those involved in the work of Methodist
Schools in the Bristol District;
for all who work with the elderly and frail and for the residential
and home care supported by the Church in the District.
We pray for all those, lay and ordained, who are engaged in
pastoral work in both rural and urban communities;
for the renewed work of the Bristol Methodist Centre among
the vulnerable in its new premises.

You are generous, God,
you open your hands and you fill our lives with your blessings;
you open your heart and you fill our lives with your love.
Teach us to be generous as you are generous;
and free us to share all that we have and are
with our sisters and brothers, whoever they may be.
Make us compassionate in all things,
so that what we do in your name kindles hope in others
and reflects your loving concern for all creation. Amen.

Jonathan Pye, Bristol District Chair

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