8  August  2017

Jesus, by your wounded feet, direct our path. Jesus, by your nailed hands, move us to deeds of love. Jesus, by your pierced side, purify our desires. Jesus, by your crown of thorns, annihilate our pride. Jesus by your broken heart, knit ours to yours. Amen. 

Richard Crashaw (1613-1649)


God of lightness and life,
in the soaring, swooping and somersaulting of the red kite,
I see the freedom you long to see in your people.
Help us to trust in the thermals and currents of your love,
so that, upheld by you, we may share the joy and liberty
that comes from you alone. Amen.

Dduw goleuni a bywyd,
yn esgyniad, disgyniad a trosben y Barcud Coch,
gwelaf y rhyddid rwyt yn dyheu am ei weld yn dy bobl.
Helpa ni i ymddiried yn haenau ac awelon dy gariad,
er mwyn i ni, wedi ein cynnal gennyt,
rannu'r llawenydd a'r rhyddid
a ddaw oddi wrthyt ti yn unig. Amen.

Jennifer Hurd, Synod Cymru Chair

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