Dr Helen Reid, Revd Dr Alastair Kirk, Revd Geoff Reid

The Revd Tom Lusty is married to Dr Helen Reid, and for the past three years has been a hospice chaplain in Leeds. He is celebrating his 10th anniversary of ordination this year. Tom has really enjoyed this opportunity to reflect on some wonderful Scripture readings with Helen, as he did a degree in Old and New Testament studies a long time ago.

Dr Helen Reid works as programme director at Bradford Churches for Dialogue and Diversity. She has now notched up two decades of being involved in inter faith relations and finds it hugely rewarding and fascinating. Helen is not related to Geoff Reid, although they share the same surname, and work together in Bradford!

The Revd Dr Alastair Kirk is a curate in a large housing estate on the southern edge of Bradford. Prior to going into the ministry he worked for several years in the Middle East and South Asia, mainly with Save the Children. Alastair is seconded to work one day a week with Helen and the team at Bradford Churches for Dialogue and Diversity. He is always challenged to find new ways of engaging with people who do not share his Christian beliefs, whether white working class members of the parish or Pakistani Muslims living in the city centre.

The Revd Geoff Reid is team leader at Touchstone, Bradford, which specialises in city issues and inter faith. He has spent many years in team ministries in the north of England.

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