The Revd Dr Cindy Wesley

Cindy WesleyCindy Wesley is the director of studies at Wesley House in Cambridge. She is responsible for the life of the chapel and for advising students about their courses and modules. She also teaches chaplaincy studies and church history.

Cindy is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church (USA) with over 15 years of experience in ministry with local churches. Before joining Wesley House, she taught for more than a decade at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Cindy is academically trained in Church history and doctrine. She also draws on her experience as a hospital chaplain to assist with the MA course in healthcare chaplaincy taught jointly with the chaplaincy team at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

Cindy views teaching and preaching as integrally connected forms of ministry. She strongly encourages the ministry of the whole people of God and believes that when lay people understand their faith they become empowered to do the ministry to which God is calling them. Over the last ten years she has devoted a significant amount of time to teaching classes in local churches, leading retreats, and serving as a resource for lay people and local preachers in the United Methodist Church.

Her research interests are varied. Cindy has published on the subject of women in early Methodism and the influence of Pietism in North American evangelicalism. She also studies and continues to write about the important role religion plays in the lives of immigrants as they adjust to new cultures and new surroundings.

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