The Revd Rosemary Fletcher

Revd Rosemary Fletcher
Revd Rosemary Fletcher

After nine years as a civil servant, Rosemary entered Queen's College Birmingham to train for the presbyteral ministry (1987-90). Whilst at Queen's, she was attached to Ladywood Methodist Church in inner-city Birmingham.

Since then she has served in the Swindon Circuit (1990-96) living on one of Swindon's Urban Priority Areas and being very involved ecumenically. She was then in Reading from 1996 to 2004 in the Caversham Section.

Rosemary and James married in 1997. Rosemary has much enjoyed her time in circuit ministry but, through a church link with Zambia, Rosemary and James felt a call to work overseas and they offered for the World Church.

They have been serving in Sri Lanka at the Theological College of Lanka since August 2005.

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