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Mission and Ministry in Covenant (2017)

A report from the Faith and Order bodies of the Church of England and the Methodist Church. The report sets out proposals which, if accepted, will enable a new depth of relationship, of communion, between the two churches and would make presbyters from each church eligible to serve in the other.  Read more here


Moving Forward in Covenant - Interim Report (2011) of the Joint Implementation Commission (Phase 2) under the Covenant between The Methodist Church of Great Britain and The Church of England.
Download the report here.

The interim report was followed by a revised version of the Draft Report brought to the Methodist Conference and General Synod, including proposals for the next phase of implementation of the Covenant, in July 2014.

Diaconal Consultation (2010)

You can read the final report from the 2010 Diaconal Consultation where the twelve questions contained in Embracing the Covenant were discussed.

Embracing the Covenant (2008)

The Joint Implementation Commission (JIC) (2003-8) for an Anglican-Methodist Covenant published its quinqennial report in June 2008, entitled Embracing the Covenant. Both the Methodist Conference and the General Synod of the Church of England commended the report for study, action and response in their churches.

Download 'Embracing the Covenant' (single PDF)

Download individual sections of 'Embracing the Covenant' below:

Foreword, Contents, Membership
Chapter 1: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
Chapter 2: The Unity We Have and the Unity We Seek
Chapter 3: Researching and Resourcing Local Covenant Relationships
Chapter 4: How Can Decision-Making Be Shared?
Chapter 5: Episkope and Episcopacy and our Churches in Covenant
Chapter 6: 'Calvanism' and 'Arminianism'
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III

Previous reports of the JIC

2005 In the Spirit of the Covenant

2007 Living God's Covenant


How did the Covenant come about?

At its meeting in June 2002, the British Methodist Conference voted by a very substantial majority to seek the opinion of each District Synod and Circuit Meeting on the proposals in An Anglican-Methodist Covenant. At its meeting in July 2002, the Church of England General Synod voted by a very substantial majority to commend the proposed Anglican-Methodist Covenant to its dioceses for discussion.

The Methodist Conference and the General Synod, both meeting in July 2003, received the opinions gathered from around the two Churches and both decided to go forward to sign the Covenant.

On 1 November 2003, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the General Secretary of the General Synod , together with the President, Vice President and Secretary of the Methodist Conference signed the Covenant at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, in the presence of the Queen.


Local Preachers and Readers: Sharing Two Ministries
compares and contrasts two roles and finds them surprisingly different. Nevertheless the booklet is able suggest many possible ways the two ministries might collaborate.
By John Cole
Copies (£2) can be ordered from the Parish and People website (scroll down to red subheading: MISSION / EVANGELISM / UNITY.)

An Anglican-Methodist Covenant Common Statement of the Formal Conversations between the Methodist Church of Great Britain and the Church of England
The full 74-page document is published jointly by the Methodist Publishing and Church House Publishing. or it can be downloaded below.
ISBN 1 - 85852 - 218 - 8
Methodist Publishing PB140
Church House Publishing GS1409 Price £4:25

Download the Common Statement (Pdf)

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