Free Church Council of Wales

The six constituent denominations comprise 

  • the Baptist Union of Wales (BUW) 
  • the Congregational Federation 
  • the Methodist Church 
  • the Presbyterian Church in Wales (PCW) 
  • the Union of Welsh independents (UWI) 
  • the United Reformed Church (URC)

The Free Church Council in Wales has the longest history (c.100 years) but is perhaps the least active now. Historically it has been involved with education and chaplaincy issues (eg prison and health services) but changes to the method of appointment making have reduced this role.

There have been various schemes (eg. in 1990's) for a United Free Church in Wales: to date these have foundered because of different approaches to language (Welsh/English) and differences in ecclesial polity (congregational/ connexional).

At the moment, the FCCW operates within a framework serviced by Cytûn; there is a Moderator (appointed on a rotational basis for three years) some active local councils and a national Council which is largely inactive. There are currently proposals before the six denominations suggesting how this role may be clarified and seeking confirmation that there is an ongoing role for the FCCW and its Moderator.

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