A dozen key books

It is better to know your way round a few resource books than to be overwhelmed by many. The following are reliable guides:

Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement - World Council of Churches - 2nd ed. - 2002 (available from WCC website (see below) ISBN 2 - 8254 -1354-2) - access to major ecumenical personalities, documents, and gatherings

Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry - World Council of Churches 1982 - Faith and Order Paper No.111 - a widely used reference point for ecumenical understanding.  (Link goes to online copy.) 

Called to be One - Churches Together in England 1996 - reissued 2002 - how Churches in England understand the words 'visible' 'Church' 'unity' - points of convergence and divergence

Quotes, Words and Dates - Churches Together in England 2005 - a summary guide to the ecumenical story in England and a glossary of words, which can mean different things in different churches.

Travelling Together - Churches Together in England 1995, revised 2004 - a handbook on Local Ecumenical Partnerships - Elizabeth Welch and Flora Winfield. 

Called to Love and Praise (1999) in Statements of the Methodist Church on Faith and Order Vol. 2 Part 1 (PB 174) Methodist Publishing, Peterborough 2000 pp. 1-59.  (Follow link to download a copy.)

Towards an Ecumenical Strategy (2001) can be found on the Methodist Church website.

Love Bade Me Welcome - A British Methodist Perspective on the Church - David Carter (Methodist Publishing Reference PD227) - The aim of this book is to explore the Methodist ecclesiological heritage and to expose its multi-faceted richness for reflection amid the demands of contemporary mission and ecumenism. It is also intended to stimulate further reflection and research. 978-0-7162 0557 9. 208pp

An Introduction to World Methodism (Introduction to Religion) (Paperback) - Kenneth Cracknell (Author), Susan J. White (Author)

Ecumenical Notes - produced by Churches Together in England - includes material for all Partner Churches for the ordering of ecumenical work

A Harmony of Church Finance - 2nd ed. - Roger Mead - Churches Together in England
- A guide to the financial procedures of Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Roman Catholic, and United Reformed Churches and their interaction in LEPs - with much else on ministry and church life

Growing Together (SPCK Publications) (2002) includes a helpful overview of the denominations.


Methodist Publishing
Churches Together in England
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
World Council of Churches

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