Being clear about your role

• District chairs and other district officers need to be clear about their role in meetings and any follow-up work.

• Sometimes they will be representing the Methodist Church and the district. Sometimes the district chair with district ecumenical officers or other appropriate denominational colleagues will make the Methodist Church's contribution to a particular joint task.

• On other occasions the district chair or another officer will be the ecumenical representative, carrying the joint agenda worked out by the church leaders/representatives or the particular group they are working with. Here they will be the bearer of a joint task and in that capacity may well be in contact with the ecumenical officers and representatives of Partner Churches.

So, remember which hat you are wearing - the denominational or the ecumenical.

It is also worth keeping an eye on where people expressing views are coming from ecumenically:

  • Is the person speaking as a church leader/representative?
  • As an officer of a particular church with a particular brief?
  • As a local minister?
  • As a member of a particular congregation or committee?

All of these may properly be described as ecumenical, but their place in the life of the Partner Church will affect their perspective on the matter in hand.

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