Collaboration between ecumenical officers

Practices vary from place to place but in England most county ecumenical officers organise occasional team meetings for the denominational ecumenical officers in their county. Such is the nature of boundaries that some district ecumenical officers (DEOs) may find they have more than one meeting to attend whilst others may find themselves attending with DEOs from other districts.

It is always helpful to keep the relevant CEO up-to-date with new proposals for LEPs, Sharing Agreements and Churches Together groups. The CEO doesn't need to be heavily involved in every one but most keep records for local mailings, for statistical purposes and for registration and notification of termination of LEPs with CTE. The denominational EOs are usually responsible for the approvals within their own denomination. They will collaborate with other relevant officers and the CEO as appropriate.

Many districts have more than one District EO, particularly where the District covers all or part of a number of counties. Sometimes one of them is a lead officer (who might have a seat on the DPC for example) and of course they may wish to meet.

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