Current principles of working ecumenically

Current Principles are those that emerged from the 'Not Strangers but Pilgrims' Inter-Church Process of the 1980's, leading to the Swanwick Declaration of 1987, and the setting up of new ecumenical instruments in 1990, including Churches Together in England and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (initially the Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland).

The Principles declare a move:

  • From Co-operation to Commitment
  • From Separate Ecumenical Organisations to Being Churches Together
  • From Doing Ecumenical Things to Doing Things Ecumenically
  • From a Model of Uniformity to one of Legitimate Diversity

With a seeking for

  • Resource Sharing
  • and Priority Setting.

Whilst the Churches have not always lived up to these principles, they continue as a contemporary reference point, part of the Churches' common currency. They are tools by which to evaluate current work and to shape new work.

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