Other provisions for ecumenical relationships

The Church of England's Canon B15 A (1972)

Provision for Intercommunion

Church Representation Rules (Rule 54)

Churchwardens Measure
Whereby a member in good standing of a Partner Church may take part in church government and, particularly through being on the Church Electoral Roll, may stand for office.

Here are steps on the way to unity. This seeking for visible unity is particularly true of the intercommunion made possible by Canon 15A, the Church of England's response to the failure of the Anglican Methodist Conversations in 1969 and 1972.

Declaration of Ecumenical Welcome and Commitment
Whereby a denominational church locally acknowledges the presence and contribution of members of other Churches within its life. This is a particular resource for rural churches. This link is to a page with information about the Ecumenical Welcome and Commitment as well as individual denominational arrangements.

Ecumenical Work
SO 008(viii) offers a useful definition of ecumenical work for the Methodist Church.

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