Schedule 14A

It is not permitted to lease Model Trust premises to other denominations for religious purposes. However Model Trust 14(2a) allows licensing of Model Trust premises to another denomination for a single event or for regular events up to a maximum of 12 months. This permission is renewable. Such use assumes continuing Methodist use of the premises.

Either side can terminate the license at any time.

To obtain approval for such a license, the managing trustees must complete schedule 14a. If the denomination has not previously obtained a license to use Model Trust premises, then a copy of their doctrinal statement should be enclosed. If the applicant for the license is a known denomination (eg a member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland) then the application should be straightforward and would not normally require a doctrinal statement. A conversation with Governance Support should help you decide whether this is necessary. If the denomination is not previously known to the Methodist Church, the decision is made at the discretion of the Ecumenical Officer, if necessary in consultation with the Faith and Order Committee.

A license for worship by non-Christian faiths is not permitted on Model Trust premises.

Download an Application form for Consent to the use of Model Trust property by Other Churches or Congregations (Pdf)

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