Special arrangements with the United Reformed Church

How to Make it Work documents most of the details of the relationships between Methodist and United Reformed Churches. Amongst other material this site includes a service for the induction and welcome of ministers, a checklist for church stewards and elders, orientation for incoming ministers to Methodist / URC LEPs and a paper about Baptists in LEPs with the Methodist and United Reformed Churches.

The legislation governing United Ecumenical Areas can be found at SO 512. There are increasing numbers of these UEAs. A new model constitution will be available during the autumn of 2011.

Capital contributions towards building schemes. Details of this reciprocal arrangement do not seem to have been published. Details can be found in the Conference 1990 agenda, page 388.

Joint Public Issues Team started as a pilot during the year 2006-7 and is now a permanent part of the work of both churches plus the Baptist Union.

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