What questions does the district chair need to ask?

Is there a church leaders' representatives' meeting?
• Am I expected to relate to more than one of these?
• How often are the meetings?
• What dates need to be in the diary?

Are there equivalent groups for other district officers?

Who are the district ecumenical officers?
• To whom do they relate amongst the district officers?
• Do they have a job description? And if yes, please provide a copy.

Who is/are the county ecumenical officer(s) - or the equivalent officer(s) funded and jointly supported by the Churches?
• Where will I encounter this/these officer(s)?

What is the name of the county sponsoring body/ ecumenical council?
• Am I required to relate to more than one of these?
• How often are the meetings?
• Who are the district representatives/secretary/chair?
• Is there a constitution? - if yes, please provide a copy.
• Who knows about the funding arrangements for ecumenical personnel and structures?

Where will I get an up-to-date list of local ecumenical partnerships?
• How is this list updated?
• Is there a mechanism for handling appointments and financial arrangements in LEPs?
• Who knows about the financial arrangements for LEPs?
• What arrangements are there for supporting Methodist ministers working in LEPs?

Is there a church leaders'/representatives' covenant?
• If yes, please provide a copy.
• What is the procedure for signing it?

Is there a covenant for the churches of the county or equivalent area?
• If yes, please provide a copy.
• What group is responsible for district engagement with it?
• Is there an arrangement for ecumenical representation at one another's synods or equivalent meetings?

Does the district prayer cycle include ecumenical partners?
• Who handles the detail?

The Anglican-Methodist Covenant 2003: Is there a copy of the national covenant? Please provide - (see Note 32)
• Is there a related document setting out aspirations / commitments for the county or equivalent area? - If so, please provide.
• Is there an implementation group or equivalent? - if so, please provide details of membership etc.

Are there ecumenical links with churches world-wide?
• How are ecumenical partners in the district brought into these links, especially if the link is with a united/uniting church?

Who will ask these questions for the district chair?

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