The district

The district is made up of a number of circuits, and is led by a district chair.
As well, as providing leadership within the district, the chair is a member of the connexional leadership team, with an overview of the whole Connexion.

Districts hold a twice yearly district synod which sets district policy and may bring matters to the Conference. They also hold a ministerial synod for presbyters and deacons, which is an opportunity for ministerial training as well as for debating issues.

Districts differ in terms of the kind of support they offer to local churches and circuits, but this can often include:

  • encouraging connexional priorities 
  • offering or subsidizing training
  • giving pastoral care to ministers, deacons and key lay people
  • providing people who represent Methodism to the local media
  • having an overview of legal obligations
  • organising large initiatives.

Some changes to district boundaries and titles were introduced in September 2006, and futher changes to the Methodist Church in Wales were made in 2007.

District Map: Download a map of the districts  (Pdf)

The 31 districts are:

  1. Synod Cymru
  2. The Methodist Church in Wales
  3. Birmingham
  4. Bolton and Rochdale
  5. Bristol
  6. Cumbria
  7. Channel Islands
  8. Chester and Stoke-on-Trent
  9. Cornwall
  10. Darlington
  11. East Anglia
  12. Isle of Man
  13. Leeds
  14. Lincolnshire
  15. Liverpool
  16. Manchester and Stockport
  17. Newcastle upon Tyne
  18. Lancashire
  19. Nottingham and Derby
  20. Northampton
  21. Plymouth and Exeter
  22. Sheffield
  23. Southampton
  24. West Yorkshire
  25. Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury
  26. York and Hull
  27. Scotland
  28. Shetland
  29. Bedfordshire, Essex and Hertfordshire
  30. London
  31. South East

Where districts have their own website, these are linked above.
See the Circuit and District websites for links to circuits and other Methodist organisations within each district.

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