List of Past Presidents and Vice-Presidents

Presidents and Vice-Presidents of The Methodist Conference since 2000

 Conf -Steve -Wild -0515   President of Conference 2015
The Revd Steve  Wild
   Conf -Jill -Barber -0515   Vice-President of Conference 2015 Dr Jill Barber
 Revd Ken Howcroft   President of Conference 2014
The Revd Kenneth Howcroft
   Gill Dascombe   Vice-President of Conference 2014 Gill Dascombe
Revd Ruth Gee   President of Conference 2013
The Revd Ruth Gee
  Dr Daleep Mukarji   Vice-President of Conference 2013 Dr Daleep Mukarji
WAKELIN, Mark 3 Best   President of Conference 2012
The Revd Mark Wakelin
  KING, Michael   Vice-President of Conference 2012
Mr Michael King 
  President of Conference 2011
The Revd Leo Osborn
    Vice-President of Conference 2011
Mrs Ruth Pickles
Revd Alison Tomlin   President of Conference 2010
The Revd Alison Tomlin
  Deacon Eunice Attwood   Vice-President of Conference 2010
Deacon Eunice Attwood
Revd David Gamble   President of Conference 2009
The Revd David Gamble
  Dr Richard Vautrey   Vice-President of Conference 2009
Dr Richard Vautrey
Revd Stephen Poxon   President of Conference 2008
The Revd Stephen Poxon
  Mr David Walton   Vice-President of Conference 2008
Mr David Walton
Martyn Atkins   President of Conference
The Revd Dr Martyn Atkins
  Ruby Beech   Vice-President of Conference 2007
Ms Ruby Beech 
  President of Conference
The Revd Graham Carter
    Vice-President of Conference 2006
Dudley Coates
The Rev Tom Stuckey   President of Conference 2005
The Revd Tom Stuckey
  John Bell   Vice-President of Conference 2005
John Bell
  President of Conference 2004
The Revd Will Morrey
    Vice-President of Conference 2004
Deacon Myrtle Poxon
  President of Conference 2003
The Revd Dr Neil Richardson
    Vice-President of Conference 2003
Mrs Judy Jarvis
   President of Conference 2002
The Revd Ian White
    Vice-President of Conference 2002
Professor Peter Howdle
  President of Conference 2001
The Revd Christina Le Moignan
    Vice President of Conference 2001
Mrs Ann Leck MBE
  President of Conference 2000
The Revd Inderjit Bhogal
    Vice President of Conference 2000
Sister Eluned Williams MBE
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