OPP Jobs

The ONE Programme Participant strand is about engaging young people in the life of the Church and their local communities focusing on discipleship, vocation and leadership.

Being a ONE Programme Participant is a great opportunity for people aged 16-23 to input into a local church project in a year-long, paid, training-provided, part-time job.

ONE Programme Participants (OPPs) are employed for one year, on a part-time basis, with a local project to help develop the mission and ministry of the Church at a local, regional and national level. OPPs are paid a living wage to work an average of 15 hours a week - most of which is spent in their local project but with some Connexional (national) responsibilities, including working at 3Generate Children's and Youth Assembly and attending four training weekends.

The ONE Programme is more than just a job for the young person. The training and personal development in the programme is excellent and gives participants the skills for starting off, or carrying on, in employment as well as developing leadership skills.

Three of the training weekends are delivered at the picturesque Cliff College, Derbyshire (delivered by the Connexional Team with the option of completing Cliff College Certificate) and the fourth is at Methodist Conference.

Click here to watch our video for more info on the ONE Programme Participant (OPP) scheme.


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