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The Methodist Church logo

The Methodist Church logo is a branding which identifies publications, advertising, noticeboards, correspondence, and so on, as part of the body of work of the Methodist Church in Britain. It is used on all printed material that is produced by the Methodist Church Connexional Team, the Methodist Conference and (increasingly) by other Methodist organisations at all levels across the country. The logo is the Orb and Cross together with the wording The Methodist Church.

Website version

The above logo is ideal for use on websites. 'Right-click' on the logo and choose 'save as' to save it on your computer. It is 'screen resolution' only (ie 72dpi).

Print versions


Red-on-white Methodist Church logo (Hi Res JPG format)

Black-on-white Methodist Church logo  (Hi Res JPG format)

Red-on-white Methodist Church logo (EPS RGB format)

Red-on-white Methodist Church logo (EPS Pantone 186 format)

Black-on-white Methodist Church logo (EPS format)


When using the Methodist Church logo observe the following design guidelines:


  • Franklin Gothic Demi for the word 'Methodist'
  • Franklin Gothic Book for the words 'The' and 'Church'


  • Capitals 'T' on The, 'M' on Methodist, 'C' on Church
  • Do not use capitals throughout (ie THE METHODIST CHURCH)

Orb and Cross logo:

  • This should sit proportionally above and to the right of the word 'Church' so that the bottom-most point of the orb is on the same horizontal as the highest point of the 'h' of 'Church' and the left-most point of the orb is on the same vertical as the high point of the arch of the 'h' of 'Church'.

    More information about the Orb and Cross

Colour version:

  • Preferably the logo should be 'Methodist red' against a white background
  • Or should be white against a 'Methodist red' background
  • For 'Methodist red' for printed materials use Pantone 186 or CMYK: 5c 100m 84y 1k or RGB: 219r 0g 46b
  • For 'Methodist red' for digital use #B52129 or  RGB(181,33,41) 

Black & white version:

  • Preferably logo should be black on a white background


The words 'Our Calling' should always be used together with the Methodist Church logo. Both use similar fonts to identify the 'Our Calling' vision as a core part of the life and work of the Methodist Church.

Ideally the words 'Our Calling' should be used at least as wide as the width of the Methodist Church logo (including Orb and Cross).

The above logo is ideal for use on websites. Click on the logo and "save as" through your browser. It is "screen resolution" only (ie 72dpi), suitable for websites.

Font: Franklin Gothic Demi


  • Capitals 'O' on Our, 'C' on Calling
  • Do not use capitals throughout (ie OUR CALLING)

Colour version:

  • Use same 'Methodist red' as The Methodist Church logo
  • Either use red lettering on white background, or vice versa.

Black & white version:

  • Either use black lettering on white background, or vice versa. 

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