The Orb and Cross

The Orb and Cross is registered as a flag with the College of Arms under the title ‘The World Flag of Methodism’. This is a white flag bearing the orb and cross device. The registration is recorded in a volume called Miscellaneous Enrollments 1/335.  It is not recorded as an Armorial Bearing for any specific corporate body.  

It consists of a red orb charged with a white cross forming throughout white ground. The distance between the red segments being one tenth of the diameter of the orb at the outer extremities and one twentieth at the point of intersection.

An example size:
A-B = 14" (35cm)
C-D = 1.4" (3.5cm)
E-F = 0.7" (1.75cm)


Meaning of the Orb and Cross

The cross being in radiant form to symbolise the Glory of the risen Lord. The orb to symbolise the world

The colours red and white are used: Red for the orb to symbolise the (Arminian) doctrine of the possibility of a universal salvation for all humanity through the power of the Holy Spirit - represented by the Whitsun colour. White for the risen Saviour of Eastertide.

The colour red is also the traditional colour of Pentecost and may be taken to symbolise the Methodist conviction that through the power of the Holy Spirit, all humanity may be saved. 
The cross, as it symbolises the risen Saviour, has no boundary to the arms of the cross, just as there are no limits to the grace of God. 

Ours is a faith that addresses the deepest longings of the heart, but it is always turned outwards to the world and its needs.

The Orb and Cross in symbolic form summarises the mission and message of Methodism first set out by John Wesley: "I look upon the whole world as my parish; thus far I mean that in whatever part of it I am, I judge it meet, right and my bounden duty to declare unto all that are willing to hear the Glad Tidings of Salvation. By Grace are ye saved through Faith." (St Mary's, Oxford, 11 June 1738)

The logo

The Orb and Cross is now used as part of the Methodist Church logo.

In most circumstances it will be appropriate to use the full Methodist Church logo, which is the Orb and Cross and the words The Methodist Church.

In some situations the Orb and Cross may be used alone but the mark should only appear in the approved Methodist red or in black or white. The segments should not appear in different colours or be filled with images or words. The Orb and Cross should not be incorporated in any other image, logo or device. 

Orb and Cross suitable for digital use 204 X 204 pixels
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