Safeguarding Considerations

The Government’s guidance on lifting the current restrictions are developing rapidly; we have pulled together a short guide to assist churches think about safeguarding implications  as they start planning to reopen churches.  It should be read in conjunction with the guidance already issued by TMCP and our Coronavirus Guidance for Property page.     

Please download the short guide (Word doc)

We are aware that some people are still shielding, you can download detailed Coronavirus Visiting Guidance here (Word doc)

Being transparent and safe online

Many of us have spent more time online during the pandemic, developing new skills and taking part in virtual meetings and services. Please also see guidance for adults who may not be used to using the internet safely (Word doc)

See our guide to Pastoral Contacts for ministers in a virtual world (Word doc)

See also The Children and Youth social media and communications guidance for churches 

See also Using Zoom safely


Domestic Abuse

Coronavirus lockdown is a dangerous time for victims of domestic abuse – here’s what you need to know:


Children and young people

Visit the specially created section on the Children, Youth and Family Ministries pages for advice on setting up virtual youth groups.


For superintendents and ministers

This period will inevitably present a number of challenges including managing safeguarding considerations and whilst the churches’ safeguarding policy will continue to provide the main source of guidance and direction you may have to make temporary decisions in respect of individuals.  This may mean that contact with individuals who may pose a risk to others or have restrictions placed on them by virtue of a Safeguarding Contract will need to be suspended or altered (as many subjects of Safeguarding contracts and/or MSG members will be over 70). 

This page will be updated in line with developments, so please check regularly for the latest advice.

If you have questions about these or other safeguarding issues, please contact your District Safeguarding Officer or the Connexional Safeguarding Team to discuss specific concerns. See the Safeguarding Contacts page

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