Connecting with God, Reassuring Children, and Wellbeing

Connecting with God and creating Space and time in the home

  • Provide resources that families can use at home to grow in their faith. Include ways that people can connect and grow with God (prayer, Bible reading, spiritual disciplines) and ways that people can connect with people (send an email set up a whatsapp group or call on the phone, video chat).
  • Check in on families, especially those with younger children and/or those who have children with special needs.
  • For parents who may not feel as confident in guiding their children’s faith, provide practical ideas such as prayers, open-ended questions, movies that families can watch and response questions, etc.
  • Resources and ideas will be shared on The Well Children, Youth and Family Ministry Facebook Group and Methodist Children, Youth and Family webpages

Reassuring Children (Parent/Guardians)

  • Assess what your child knows
  • Process your own anxiety first
  • Don’t dismiss your child’s fears
  • Talk at an age-appropriate level
  • Emphasise good hygiene
  • Frame school or church closures as a positive


Well being


Take time and make space to have conversations at home. Ask what are the big questions? It is ok not to have answers, the important thing is in the journeying of the conversations.

Set regular times and spaces for prayer in the day – this can be quiet time or you could set up a prayer focal point in your home for ideas;

Create a calming playlist for the whole family – take time to create this together on Spotify , Amazon or Apple Music.

Messy Play – make slime, try different recipes and see which one works the best. Make papier mache models and sculptures of biblical characters or recreate stories from the bible.

Build Lego – Create Lego prayer stations


Take time to sit in silence together and breathe. Build up the length of time each day, set an alarm on your phone for 60 seconds to start with. Sing calming songs, sit outside and just be. Go for a walk together.


Visit this specially created section of the Children, Youth and Family Ministry pages for a growing bank of resources for workers and parents during the pandemic.

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