Tips for creating video from home

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to take the plunge into video and live-streaming.

It is easy to get started just using a smartphone and Facebook, for instance. But how do we take things to the next level?

Get the basics right

Watch five basic tips for creating a pre-recorded video from Stuart Forsyth

Presenting well

And here are some good tips on how to present, from SpeakLife


Getting Creative

Why not try something different?

The Isle of Man Methodist Church have services, mediations, worship songs and “kids stuff” over at their YouTube Channel

See the Jazz Community Church

Here's Austin New Church in the USA using Bob Dylan style words on sheets of paper -  


Further tips and resources

Here's an infographic on filming sermons from home, from Matt Collins 

More advanced video and live-streaming
A video that show how to build a more advanced church live streaming system that's affordable, user-friendly, and reliable. 

Some useful editing apps

The Inshot video editing app for smartphones:

Lumens 5 is a free video creation software that takes text and add images to make a video using AI. You can let it 'do it all' and then tweak anything you don't like, or you can do it all yourself. 


If you have any creative ideas or resources that you have found helpful please let us know:

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