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The Two Faces of Susanna Wesley - Abstract

The paper will firstly reprise the address given at the Wesley Historical Society conference 2005 [‘The Curious Incident of Susanna Wesley’s rosebud lips’[1]], arising from the 2004 conservation of the portrait attributed to J.M. Williams. That will outline and update what is known of the history and provenance of that painting, and those of other portraits claimed to be of Susanna.

Secondly,  the paper will then build on the final section of that address, considering how the visual image of Susanna has itself been altered as the perceived popular image of her has evolved.

Finally it will reflect on the circumstances around the Williams portrait and how those inform knowledge and understanding of Susanna Wesley’s final years.


[1] Published in (ed.) Norma Virgoe, Angels and Impudent Women; Women in Methodism [Loughborough, Teamprint, for Wesley Historical Society, 2007], pp. 31-51.

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